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Tellico Induction Corp Analog isolation board isoboard

Analog isolation board

This board, which must be installed by the factory, allows the Roy's power output to be controlled by a 0-10 volt analog input signal instead of the...


9 0.5
Tellico Induction Corp consulting payment hourspurchase

consulting payment

This item is to pay for consulting time that you have received a quote on or hours of labor you wish to purchase. Please enter Hours and not a dollar...

Min:  0.25 Units:  0.25
Max: 1000000
100000 0
Tellico Induction Corp Custom Work coils work coil

Custom Work coils

We provide this custom work coil manufacturing service to our customers at a fixed rate so that there are no surprises. If you also buy a MatchBox...


5 5
Tellico Induction Corp Direct Payment directpay

Direct Payment

If you have been given a quote for a special service or product, use this page to pay for it. Simply enter the dollar amount up to 2 decimals. Note...

Min:  0.01 Units:  0.01
Max: 1000000
983458 0
Tellico Induction Corp Flux concentrator flux concentrator

Flux concentrator

This accessory is a custom-made ferrite flux concentrator. This is very useful where the heating flux must be concentrated in a small area - and kept...


5 2
Tellico Induction Corp Match Box Load Center MatchBox

Match Box Load Center

The MatchBox does three things. 1. It better matches the work coil to the work in some situations, transferring more power than would otherwise...


1 4
Tellico Induction Corp One-shot timer Timer

One-shot timer

This is a one shot timer designed to provide exactly the same heat cycles every time. The time is set by pressing the knob, setting the time up to...


5 2
Tellico Induction Corp Roy 1500 Induction Heater Roy 1500

Roy 1500 Induction Heater

The Roy 1500 is a general purpose induction heater that is designed to heat metals without contact. It's power output is fully adjustable. Roy heats...


-2 17
Tellico Induction Corp Roy 2500 Induction heater Roy 2500

Roy 2500 Induction heater

The Roy 1500 is the big brother to the Roy 1500. It generates in excess of 2500 watts on 240 volts. It is a general purpose induction heater that is...


0 17

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